Rope Access Training with SPRAT Evaluation


The intent of this course is to provide training to eligible candidates in order to meet the certification criteria for rope access personnel as outlined in the SPRAT Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work.

The SPRAT certification process is intended to establish a minimum baseline of knowledge and skill directly related to industrial rope access.

Overall evaluation result is based on fulfillment of pre-evaluation requirements and successful completion of a written exam and field evaluation. Upon receipt of all paperwork and successful skills demonstration and online test results, SPRAT will issue the final certification to the applicant.

This course is to be used in conjunction with the SPRAT Safe Practices for Rope Access Work document.

The purpose of the SPRAT Safe Practices for Rope Access Work document is to provide information and guidance on acceptable practices and procedures to protect employees from the hazards associated with rope access work methods when working at height. This document is written for all persons concerned with rope access work and especially for those primarily responsible for establishing and administering rope access work methods. This document contains requirements recommended for use by enforcement authorities in establishing regulations or codes on rope access work methods.


This course is based upon the SPRAT Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work. This course is intended for use by competent rope access personnel whose specific job requires knowledge and skill proficiency in rope access techniques.

The SPRAT certification process is intended to establish a minimum baseline of knowledge and skill that a successful candidate will possess. This course does not purport to address all criteria that may be applicable to all types of rope access work. Employers of rope access professionals must evaluate the job to be performed and provide for additional training as necessary. Additional evaluation should be taken as necessary by the employer to verify a rope access worker’s suitability to a given job.

This course addresses minimum skills and certification requirements specific to rope access and does not address additional job specific skills (maintenance, construction, inspection). This document sets forth accepted practices for rope access work performed using non metallic synthetic ropes. This document does not apply to emergency response or emergency response training, except as noted.

Regulatory Standards and Certifications:

Pre-certification requirements:

  1. Minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. Show government issued or equivalent identification.
  3. Signed statement of health.
  4. Signed liability release.

Training Requirements:

The intent of this course is to provide training to eligible candidates in order to meet the certification criteria for rope access personnel as outlined in the SPRAT Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work.

Course Delivery:

Classroom lecture and practical training available in PA,UT and TX.

Time Line:

4 days of training and 1 day evaluation


A SPRAT Certified Evaluator must conduct each SPRAT Certification Session. The Evaluator must maintain their independence from all level candidates.

  1. Practical evaluation
  2. Oral evaluation
  3. Written exam online
  4. Review of testing after completion of course

Re-certification Training Requirements:

Certification is valid for 3 years.


SPRAT logbooks will be issued to all new successful certification candidates by the SPRAT office with the technician’s name, photo, and technician number on the first inside page. Logbooks are not issued to candidates renewing or upgrading their certification.


Terms & Conditions

Bookings are regarded as confirmed only upon receipt of a full payment or a company purchase order.

Booking placed by purchase order are binding. Payment will be required in full for the number of candidates and duration of training specified on the order.

Entry requirements:

Candidates will not be accepted onto a course unless they can demonstrate evidence of compliance with the entry requirements for that course. Such evidence will normally take the form of valid certificate of competence. Candidates will be required to sign to confirm that they meet the pre-entry requirements including a statement of medical fitness prior to the start of the course. If a candidate is unable to meet the pre-entry requirements they may not be able to continue with training and without refund.

Provisional Hold Requests

We may provisionally hold a place for an agreed period of time, payment or purchase order will be required by the agreed date. A provisionally held place is not a booking and after the agreed date for purchase order or payment, may be offered to other candidates/companies.

Course Cancellation Fees

  • More than 1 months notice - refunded full amount less administration fee of $150.00 per person.
  • 4 weeks notice of course date - 70% refund less admin fee of $150.00 per person is given.
  • Less than 4 weeks notice - no refund given.

Course Postponement Fees:

  • No refund available.

Please Note:

  • If a candidate does not complete the course then a refund is not available.
  • Any instructor or admin expenses incurred pre-course commencement will be charged in full for any cancellation or postponement regardless of notice duration.
  • Training for work at height may involve physical exertion in conditions of exposure to height. It is essential that all candidates are physically fit and able to carry out the tasks expected of them without risk to themselves or others.
  • Impact Access Inc. cannot accept bookings for courses involving exposure to height from candidates with medical contra-indications against working at height. A non-exhaustive list of such conditions is given below:
    • Heart disease / chest pain and respiratory issues
    • High blood pressure
    • Epilepsy, fits, blackouts
    • Fear of heights / vertigo
    • Giddiness / difficulty with balance
    • Impaired limb function to include back problems
    • Alcohol or drug dependence
    • Psychiatric illness / counseling
    • Diabetes
  • It is the responsibility of the individual or organization making the booking to ensure that candidates attending the courses are free of any of the conditions described above or any other medical condition that could impair their ability on the training course to which they have subscribed.
  • By submitting a purchase order, the applicant asserts that candidates are physically fit for the intended course. It is unlikely that applicants can be certain of being free of contraindications without a proper examination by a medical Doctor.
  • A candidate will be withdrawn immediately and permanently from training by the instructor during any course time should the candidate exhibit ill health or inappropriate horseplay.


Impact Access LLC offers numerous training courses and programs. SPRAT rope access is held in Lititz PA (All levels) - one week of every month.

If you are interested in scheduling a course, or attending an already scheduled course, please contact us.