Rope Access Rescue & Supervision

We can provide standby rescue teams equipped with our rental fleet of ActSafe ascenders and Level 3 rope access supervisors to facilitate existing customer rope access employees.

Some of the key areas covered include:

  • Relevant legislation and its application to rope rescue
  • Management of the hazards and risks associated with rope rescue activities and associated control measures
  • Options for rescue
  • Command, control and communications for rope rescue operations
  • Methods of access to and from an incident site using working at height and rope access techniques
  • Rescue system analysis, anchor systems and application with rescue loads
  • Considerations for low angle, long and multi stage lowers
  • Care, maintenance, inspection, lifespan and disposal of rescue equipment, including PPE
  • Rescue system selection, application and supervision – with and without a stretcher for:
    • Pick-off rescues
    • Raising a rescue load using ActSafe ascenders
    • Lowering a rescue load
    • Use of tensioned guiding lines and cableway
    • Negotiating difficult edge transitions
    • Use of artificial high directional anchors as required
    • Medical considerations during rescue, including suspension intolerance

Supervision & Inspection services