DMM Inspection PPE

DMM Inspection PPE

Coming Q2 2019.

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Coming Q2 2019.


Only sold as a PAK –items are not sold individually.

We do not ship outside the USA. We ship ground UPS domestic only; we do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Please allow one (1) week leadtime.


Manufacturer's warranty is one year on all products.

Exclusions from the guarantee:

  • normal wear
  • oxidation
  • leaking batteries
  • modifications or alterations
  • poor storage
  • poor maintenance
  • damage due to accident or negligence
  • damage due to use of product for which it is not designed
  • the serial number is no longer legible
  • any label has been removed from a harness
  • a helmet has been written on with a marker or covered by stickers
  • the product has been modified or repaired by a third person

Product Return Policy:

For liability reasons, and your personal safety, we cannot accept returns on any product including hardware, ropes or slings at anytime excluding warranty situations or shipping errors. (Please note shipping costs for warranty issue and repair products is the customer's responsibility.)

Because we cannot accept returns, please be absolutely sure of the items you are purchasing before submitting your order.